SmartSpeech - Online Speech Therapy for Children

As more and more parents turn to private therapy to avoid long waiting lists and to get the level of service they require, the benefits of using an online ('Telehealth') service, include:

  • Increased availability of therapists & appointments
  • Faster access to the expertise & support your child needs
  • Lower costs for services
  • More accurate assessments (based on video rather one-off view)
  • Focus on empowering parents & guardians to help children progress at home
  • A less intimidating experience for the child (no scary clinic visits)

(Our Telehealth services are rated 5 stars by parents on Trustpilot)

Initial Assessment

£ 139

Assessments are carried out directly with the child online, or using video(s) provided by parents. Your Speech Therapist will provide a written report with a diagnosis of identified problems & recommended next steps.

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Online Therapy

£ 159

Available as either direct online therapy with the child, or online coaching with parents, sessions last approx. 30-40 mins, and can booked in a block of 3x sessions for £159 or single sessions for £59.

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Home Programmes

£ 299

6-8 week home programmes to empower parents to help their child at home. Each programme consists of tailored activities & guidance for your child, with ongoing support from your Speech Therapist.

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The first step before making any purchase is to fill in our free online screener, and then speak to your appointed Speech Therapist. We will be able to advise you on your options and answer any questions you have about the service.

You can make a secure payment either online or over the phone, using all major credit and debit cards.

Before committing to any services, you will fill in our free online screener and speak to your appointed speech therapist. If SmartSpeech is not suitable for you or your child, we will advise you on what to do instead.

The first step is to fill in our free online screener. We'll then get in touch with you to arrange a free, no obligations consultation call with your appointed speech therapist. At this stage, we will be able to advise you on your options and answer any questions you have about the service.

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